Automation System

Wireless Automation System

We are offering Wireless Automation System that is suitable with home, shop, or school and offers a lot of security & automation features as following:



  • security and home automation.
  • ip based design with computer and internet interface.
  • detailed 512 events log with time tag.
  • selects partial arming when at home.
  • interactive programming with 16 x 2 lcd display.
  • special monitoring mode to record all the activities in the protected area.
  • temperature, humidity and other sensors for environment monitoring.
  • 9 partial arm zones, working independently of the main zones, make ULTRA operate as 10 independent systems.
  • built-in voice dialer stores up to 10 phone numbers, 1 pager and 2 cms data links.
  • switch & operation by scene control or time scheduling.
  • dial-out voice alarm message with event type and
  • 288 sensors/ zones can be accommodated.
  • 16 programmable x-10 switches.
  • zone number.
  • hands-free speaker-phone, two-way voice communication and silent monitoring.
  • dial-in control of listen-in, arm, disarm, event report and switch control.
  • latchkey function to inform parents when kids leave or return home.
  • inform user when ac power loss or restore happens immediately
  • inactivity monitoring to take care of the elderly or physically challenged.
  • receiving rf signal strength indication and jamming detection.
  • robust multi-million rf coding and special transmission timing design avoiding interferences.
  • responds to panic, burglary, fire, medical alarm and environmental hazards.
  • supervised sensors with heart beat check.
  • door and window open/ close detection.
  • 3 aux. Wire inputs.
  • gsm communication module for backup or where land line is not available.
  • sending alarm message, activity report and temperature/humidity reading through data port (rs-232 or tcp/ip) in real time.
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