LED Floodlight

LED Floodlight

Built in features:-90v-265v ac input-Built in active power factor correction function-Short circuit protection-Over voltage protection-Over temperature protection-Fully isolated case

  • Input power:30w, 50w, 65w
  • Power factor:More than 0.95
  • Input voltage:90v-265v
  • Frequency:50hz-60hz ( /- 5%)
  • Ambient temperature:0-50 °c


  • It can be used as replacement to halogen light bulbs
  • As parking light in malls and large complexes
  • In store rooms
  • It can be used in assembly halls
  • In industrial shades

Advantages of are led tube lights:

  • Energy saving: using ARE LED tube light there will be up to 70% saving for the same level of illumination
  • Power factor: the PF of our flood lights is greater than 0.95 at 230v ac. In big industries where there are hundreds of flood lights this will make a lot of difference
  • Life: the life of CFL tube lights is about 6000 hours. Whereas the life of our led tube lights is about 2000hours.
  • Warranty: are led tube lights carry a warranty of 1 years
  • Short return on investment period : as the efficiency of our LED lights is higher , the return on investment period will be very low

Available in:

  • 45w and 65w

Multi LED Flood Light


  • It saves up to 75% energy.
  • We uses 3528type LEDs in our products(Which has minimum heat dissipation compare to others.)
  • LEDs life is 50000hrs.
  • Power factor is approx. 0.96.
  • Shock proof casing. Over voltage protection.
  • Over temperature protection.
  • Easily replaceable in existing system


Area of Application:

  • In industrial park, shade, ware houses, manufacturing unit , storagespace
  • In houses
  • In parking lot
  • Whichever the place where light is necessary

Available In:

  • 3w,5w,7w,9,12w

LED Outdoor Light

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