Wireless Detector

Wireless Detectors

The PIR Motion Detector is specially designed for providing space protection in a wireless security system. It detects the movement of human body heat within its effective coverage and removes possible signal from home pet like dogs and cats; thus when an intruder crosses or enters the area, the resulting change in infra-red energy from the intruder will be detected and an alarm signal will transmit to the Base Unit.

SupervisionSends heartbeat signal at 60-minute interval.
When Tamper or Low Battery condition is detected, it reports automatically.
Cover AreaAngle: 110 degrees, Effective
Distance: Max. 12m @ambient temp. 25 degrees.
PowerTwo AAA alkaline batteries,
Current: 18uA @standby, 20mA @activation.
Estimated Battery Life: 2 years (@actuated 40 times/day)
DetectorDual element,RFI Immunity: AVE. 20V/m (10~10000MHz)
SensitivityPulse Count: 2 or 4 pulses selectable
DimensionsSize: 66 x112 x 45 mm
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