Wireless System

Wireless Security System

Our experienced professionals enabled us to offer qualitative range of Wireless Security System. Owing to their features like optional temperature, humidity and other sensors, these products also operates as an environmental monitoring center to report and prevent floods, gas leaks and other hazards. Moreover, this range can operate the system and read its status using the proprietary graphic user interface software through the inter-net all over the world.


Features :


  • Security and home automation
  • Ip based design with computer and Internet interface
  • Interactive programming with 16 x 2 lcd display
  • Detailed 512 events log with time tag
  • 288 sensors/ zones can be accommodated
  • 16 programmable x-10 switches
  • Receiving of signal strength indication and jamming detection
  • Robust multi-million of coding and special transmission timing design avoiding interferences
  • Responds to panic, burglary, fire, medical alarm and environmental hazards
  • Supervised sensors with heart beat check
  • Door and window open/ close detection
  • Selects partial arming when at home
  • Special monitoring mode to record all the activities in the protected area
  • Temperature, humidity and other sensors for environment monitoring
  • 9 partial arm zones, working independently of the main zones, make Ultra Plus operate as 10 independent systems
  • Built-in voice dialer stores up to 10 phone numbers, 1 pager and 2 cms data links
  • Switch & operation by scene control or time scheduling
  • Dial-out voice alarm message with event type and zone number
  • Hands-free speaker-phone, two-way voice communication and silent monitoring
  • Dial-in control of listen-in, arm, disarm, event report and switch control
  • Latchkey function to inform parents when kids leave or return home
  • Inform user when ac power loss or restore happens immediately
  • Inactivity monitoring to take care of the elderly or physically challenged
  • 3 aux. wire inputs
  • Gsm communication module for backup or where land line is not available
  • Sending alarm message, activity report and temperature/humidity reading through data port (rs-232 or tcp/ip) in real time

Wireless Fire Alarm System

We are one of the eminent organizations offering Wireless Fire Alarm System and Reporting System Wireless Fire Alarm Reporting System that are designed and developed ensuring high quality standards.
With AC meter, Smoke/Gas/Flood/Temperature Detectors and Voice Warning/Auto Control Switches, the fire can be located and put off in its earliest stage.

Basic Function:

  • Accommodate 120 wireless fire sensors & 32 temp sensors
  • Local voice warning
  • Central Monitor Station Report

Advanced Functions

  • Wireless system
  • High/ low Temp limit warning
  • Detailed event/temperature log
  • Control 15 X-10 type switches
  • Alarm report through PSTN/GSM/Internet
  • Real time temp reading for data logging system
  • Expandable for security system
  • IP Based design easy to be integrated with other systems

Personal Emergency Response System

Ultraplus Wireless Personal Emergency Response System that will protect your home, shops and offices from intruders and thieves. This device detects any attempt for intrusion in to the protected premises with the use of the sensors installed.

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